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Spring Break in San Francisco Day 5

  • Food adventures to eat dim sum - Ate at a pretty upscale Chinese restaurant called Yank Sing in the downtown financial district. Hands down the best dim sum I’ve ever had. Also quite possibly the favorite meal of my life. 
  • Haight and Ashubry - This place was literally Disneyland for stoners, hippies, beatniks, and hipsters. You name it and they had it - an overwhelming abundance of smoke shops, Indian and Himalayan gifts, thrift stores, vintage and antique clothing, tie dye shirts, a taxidermy shop, food co-ops, bookstores, etc. We literally wandered aimlessly up and down the streets for five hours just exploring and discovering new things. Ate pizza at a hippie pizza parlor - bomb food and good vibes. It was such an interesting sight to see people freely smoking weed in public on every other corner. One of the most fascinating places from San Francisco. What a trip. 
  • Castro District - Went to check out the historically gay district of San Francisco but most stores were already closed by the time we got there so this wasn’t anything special. 
  • Persian Food for dinner - Ate at a fancy Persian restaurant called Lavash. Beef koobideh, Shirazi Salad, and Persian tea. Perfect meal to end a wondrous day of exploring.

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Spring Break in San Francisco Day 4

  • Fisherman’s Wharf - Had brunch at Eagle Cafe by the pier, overall good eats and a nice seaside atmosphere. Fisherman’s wharf was pretty much just a big tourist trap but it was still a unique experience. Plus we got to see all the sea lions just chilling.
  • California Academy of Sciences - An aquarium, Amazon biosphere, planetarium, natural history museum, and botanical garden all in one. A relaxing, surreal experience to stroll through different environments and get lost amidst the exotic and strange.
  • The Mission District - The Latino cultural center of San Francisco. It was interesting how the surroundings dramatically changed from rows of quaint vintage bohemian stores and attractions to blocks of homeless people and crack addicts. Definitely one of the grittier neighborhoods we visited. Food adventures to get tacos at La Taqueria, supposedly one of the best taco shops in the city. Fantastic street art and murals everywhere we went.
  • Finished the night with dessert at the Ghirardelli Chocolate Shop downtown by Union Square - Got the sea cliff, with a massive chocolate chip cookie over vanilla ice cream layered with hot fudge, whipped cream, chopped almonds, and a cherry. The decadence was overwhelming.
  • Twas a long day traveling through pretty different regions of the city but such a rewarding adventure as always.  

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Spring Break in San Francisco Day Three

  • Obligatory visit to the Golden Gate Bridge - I’ve seen it before but only from a distance. A much more personal, visceral experience once I was able to walk on it and see it up close.
  • Palace of the Fine Arts - the elegance of the architecture and the ambiance of the surrounding pond were magnificent 
  • Land’s End - One of the most breathtaking views I have ever seen. Our friend Mark showed us a secret spot that overlooks the cliffs from the very edge with nothing but the expanse of the bay before us, with the dramatic drop off of the cliffs to our left and the iconic view of the Golden Gate Bridge to our right. Definitely a spot that I’ll remember for the rest of my life.
  • Dinner at Fisherman’s Wharf - Finally got to try the famous San Francisco clam chowder in a bread bowl! Perfect dinner to end a long day of exploring.
  • Night time view of the city from Twin Peaks - Battered by relentless winds at an uncomfortable altitude but still an amazing sight to see, nothing but good vibes in a beautiful city.
  • Personally one of my favorite days as a whole

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